Review Score Guide

Untitled4Platinum Medal

This is awarded to masterpieces: everything is perfectly carried out and there are no major issues that largely detract from the overall experience. Unless there is an abundance of them, very minor nitpicks do not count as real negatives. A work of true perfection.

Untitled2Gold Medal

This award goes to those which are very well made. This is for those that clearly have had a good deal of care and attention to detail sunk into them, and achieve almost everything it sets out to do. It has a couple of very noticeable issues that do take away from the overall experience, but that experience is so strong in almost all other areas that this is more or less excusable as a whole. An incredibly well-made piece of art.


Silver Medal

This one goes to those which are essentially the dictionary definition of solid entertainment. It deserves this medal if it’s pretty damn good, but not really great. It does most things well, but not a whole lot superbly. It acts as a very likeable flick but there’s a few too many let-downs that keep it from true greatness. A very middle-of-the-road production that stands above most things, but never quite reaches the heights it perhaps could.


Bronze Medal

This goes to the distinctly average. The sort of thing that you forget about very soon after it ends, on account of its utter blandness. It’s serviceable at best, but does incredibly little to push through the mould and ultimately comes out forgettable. It serves its best, and you’ll have a good time, but it doesn’t really contribute anything to society


Participation Award

This is going over to the bad side of the quality spectrum. Essentially, these are the ones that have enough bad in them to be considered at least sub-par or worse, but doesn’t ever offend in its terribleness. Unlike the “award” for the lowest common denominator trash, which is…



Utter (pardon the repetition) garbage. This is reserved for the most offensively waste ever conceived by human beings. These are not necessarily the objective worst, but they induce so much anger and resentment in me that I feel they deserve nothing more. Hopefully nothing will ever come to this.

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